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Data centers are on a constant drive for expanding their capacity and efficiency. This is one of the prime reasons data center solution providers are working towards innovative hybrid technologies, by leveraging the capabilities of legacy resources. One of such hybridizations is related to the combination of data center colocation and virtualization technology. Both the technologies are exceptional, therefore, unifying their capabilities lead to greater resource efficiency. Moreover, combination of these two valuable technologies will be capable of even managing the Big Data and complex IT environment for enterprises.

Why CIOs at data centers are strategizing for hybridization of co-lo and virtualization?

Improved Virtual environment: Deploying and testing data virtualization in colocation environment is much easier and cost-effective. In addition to that, new connection can be quickly added to a new source in the virtual layer.

Better management of resource spikes: in the situations of resource spikes, the enterprises need more system resources to process the data smoothly. When colocation resources are virtualized, the deployment gets faster as virtualization eliminates the manual configuration of resources during resource-intensive periods.

Disaster Recovery: Virtualization works best for disaster recovery. Enterprises demand deployment for failover at colocation facilities. Virtualization deployed at multiple data center colo facilities works as risk averting systems. Many VPS providers in India offer this solution with 24×7 Rapid Action support.

Video conferencing: Colos offer unmatched environment along with specialized resources for Video conferencing. It comes with a cost-efficient feature to store-on-demand video presentations in virtual storage environment. 

Colocation Environment for Sandbox experiment: Big Data Sandbox experiment can be safely carried out in a colocation environment. Virtual deployment at colo servers allows experimentation of a set of applications by testing different algorithms to check which all business related questions can be answered.

Multi-tenant environment: This strategic unification of virtualization technology offers a secured multi-tenant environment with each user operating in an independent virtual server hosting. It comes as a great storage option for small and mid-sized businesses for their core systems. Enterprises are able to even save the costs for software licenses. It allows them to create their own colo which hosts as well as runs virtual servers of their systems.

Online training: It serves as a cost-effective alternative for cloud-based employee training and orientation. A colocation server on virtual machine saves a lot of money for the businesses and even offers some additional features.

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